Registration Help
RC411.net has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind - however, it is worth noting that we currently have a large amount of information requirements in order to participate in any given event. As a result - it may sometimes seem a bit tedious to complete some of the forms, but bear in mind all this information gathering is for good reason.

Not only events - but also other areas of the site make use of this information you supply - so please be as thorough and complete as you possibly can - it's in your interest.

Site Registration Process

The first step in becoming a member on the RC411.net website is to click the "Register new user" link found at the top right of the screen.

Doing so will present you with the following pop up screen

Much of the required information on this screen may already be completed - our site integrates with the likes of Facebook should you want to in order to find out a little more about your likes and dislikes.

Complete the form filling in missing information and sit back and wait for a confirmation / activation email to arrive at the email address you specified during the registration process. It's that easy!

Note: Depending on your Internet Service Provider and Mail Client, the activation mail may end up in your Junk Mail folder. Please check all folders for this mail

Once you have received your activation mail and clicked the link provided - the rest is pretty much all up to you.

The website will continue to remember you - well at least for the next year or so. At this point you should take some time out to further complete your missing profile information as well as configure the detail for your race cars.

Click on the Update Profile link as shown below

Now complete the Update Member Profile form filling in all required information. The form should already have the information you specified during the registration process, so it's simply a matter of adding to it.

Once you have completed your profile it's time to update your fleet of cars.

Click the Update Cars link from the Member menu

Now click the add new car option from the form below

Doing this should take you to the new car screen - again complete as much as possible, paying special consideration to frequency and transponder numbers

Once you have completed the above steps - you're pretty much good to go!
At this time you may revisit the site and register for any upcoming event!

Race Registration Process

Specifically with regards to THENEORACE, you will be able to click the banner link at the top of the screen to enter your new cars for this event. Take Note that for THENEORACE you may need to complete some additional information in your profile section in order to enter the event.

The Race Registration screen will look much like the one below where you simply select the cars you wish to register and click on the submit button!